Vision: To be a World-Class Portfolio Management Company

ECWA Portfolio Management Limited which was incorporated in 2015 has witnessed significant growth in the funds under management, as well as client base since inception. More products have been introduced with the aim of meeting the needs of our clients and society at large.

Mission: Commitment to providing superior investment services and delivering capability, knowledge and resources to empower stakeholders to the glory of God.

Our Core Values

Our Mandate

ECWA Portfolio Management Limited was incorporated in 2015 with the following mandates:

  •  To manage and administer the Staff Welfare Savings Account (SWSA) of ECWA Staff with a view to maximizing the returns thereon.
  • To manage and administer the Welfare Funds of retired staff.
  • To cater to the families of members of ESIS who died in active service with a provision of an assured sum to the named member of each deceased’s family.
  • To encourage regular savings by ECWA Staff, so as to enhance the quality standard of living after retirement from active service.
  • To manage and administer short to medium term investment of ECWA, ECWA members, and the society at large.
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The Leadership

The Board of Directors of the Company, which is headed by Mr. Tapgol Ching-Yin is made up of seasoned and tested professionals in different fields such as Accounting, Law, Economics, Banking, Asset Management, and Human Resource. Mr. Ching-Yin, who was also a Pioneer Member of the Board of Directors, has several years of experience in the financial service sector.

Management Team

Our Management Team is headed by Mr Moses Kolawole, who is the Managing Director of the company. Mr. Moses Kolawole is the immediate past Director of Finance of ECWA, an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, and Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers. He has worked in several sectors of the economy. The Board is responsible for setting and nurturing the Company’s values, which are focused on Stewardship, Excellence, Integrity and Clients. At EPML, we give freedom to employees to deliver within a team framework. Our culture makes EPML an attractive place to work, and it is a key advantage for us.