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ECWA Staff Investment Scheme (ESIS)

ECWA Staff Investment Scheme (ESIS) is a hybrid fund that has features of cooperative and mutual funds. Staff make contributions to the funds through monthly deductions from their salaries and can access loans from the Scheme subject to the amount in their savings accounts. Savings withdrawal is however not allowed until the staff is retired. Also, interest is shared and reinvested on a monthly basis. The minimum savings amount is N3,000, and this can be increased by any amount, and at any time.

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Hybrid fund investment with as low as 3000 Naira

Shunamite Fund (SF)

Shunamite Funds (SF) provides cover for all ECWA Staff who are members of ESIS. It is designed to enhance terminal Benefits due in the event of a death in active service. Over the years, the Scheme has brought hope and relief to the families of ECWA employees who died in active service. The sum assured in case of death is One Million Naira Only.

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Asset Replacement Fund (ARF)

Asset Replacement Fund (ARF) seeks to assist ECWA DCCs, Churches, Departments, and Institutions in providing for the replacement of their assets through a periodic contribution to the funds. The asset’s annual depreciation is backed up with cash and invested in the funds.

Building Assets

EPML Fund Placement

It is a short to medium-term investment that enables the investors to invest in Federal Government Treasury Bills and Commercial papers through EPML for a minimum period of 180 days.

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Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

This product is designed to enable investors to achieve capital appreciation over time. It offers customized portfolios, professional management and oversight, flexibility, transparency, and diversification. The product also offers investors the flexibility to tailor a portfolio that is responsive to the needs of individuals.

Separately Managed Funds

Post Retirement Scheme

EPRS (ECWA Post Retirement Scheme) is designed to ensure ECWA staff derive the benefit of being adequately paid their monthly benefits at retirement. It is aimed at ensuring that the welfare of retired ECWA staff is taken care of. All ECWA staff, who are covered under and make monthly contributions to the ECWA Staff Welfare Scheme, are eligible.

ECWA staff are expected to make compulsory monthly contributions of, at least, 8% of their Gross Salaries, while ECWA also makes a compulsory contribution of, at least, 10% of the staff Gross Salaries. The staff contributions are deducted from their monthly salaries. The total contribution of at least 18% of staff Gross Salary is forwarded to ECWA Portfolio Management Limited (EPML) not later than the first week of the following month.


Pre - Retirement Clinic

This is our consultancy service which is aimed at assisting our clients in achieving their retirement goals. We are much more interested in our clients than their money, and this underscores the need for us to work with them side by side, to meeting their retirement goals. To achieve this, our dedicated and committed staff are available at our Head Office, to meet one on one with our clients, review their Investment Policy Statements and provide necessary guide for the clients.

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Team of professionals that help meet your retirement goals.


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Treasure Barn

EPML Treasure Barn is a Money Market open-ended fund that seeks to provide safety, liquidity, diversification, and competitive return. The fund will invest in highly liquid short-term money market securities such as Fixed Deposit, Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, etc. The fund can be used as a means of wealth accumulation and savings thereby providing a platform to set aside funds in installments.

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